20 Cities in Texas with the most Improved Crime Rate

December 9, 2014

Texas is one of the more interesting and diverse states in the country, thanks to the variety of culture and landscape you can experience depending on which part of the state you’re in. From the beaches and ports of the southwest next to the Gulf of Mexico to the never ending plains near Amarillo that houses many of the countries beef market to the multicultural towns near the Mexican border. Texas offers some awesome natural scenery as well as some delectable restaurants in the bigger cities than make the state such an attractive destination to both live and visit.

Using data from 2007-2012 FBI Crime Reporting Statistics, we’ve uncovered twenty cities in Texas which have significantly decreased crime successfully.

The cities listed below have used some advanced police programs, services and techniques to help decrease their crime rate over a five year period. When looking through the data provided by the FBI, we have noticed their efforts have increased the quality of life for their citizens, as well as the safety of their neighborhoods.

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1. Progreso, TX

Just a few miles from the Mexican border sits the town of Progreso, Texas, which tops our list of the most improved cities in the state. Progreso is right off the Rio Bravo River and just minutes away from some awesome natural attractions like the Adam Gardens Reservoir and the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge. Being so close to the border, Progreso’s crime rate was a bit higher than most in the community would like, but through programs like the neighborhood watch and the police department getting its citizens involved they have seen a drastic decline in the overall crime rate. According to data provided by the FBI, Progreso has seen overall crime drop just over 65 percent while seeing property crime in the area fall just over 70 percent and is a big reason why Progreso tops our list.

2007 Crime Rate: 30.88
2012 Crime Rate: 10.77
65.12% Decrease In Crime

2. Kaufman, TX

In the northeast region of Texas, just a few minutes to the southwest of Dallas is the town of Kaufman. Not far from the Cedar Creek Reservoir, Lake Tawakoni and the big city Kaufman has quite a bit to offer without the hassles of the big city. Kaufman has seen a steady decline in its overall crime rate over a five year period and according to data provided by the FBI, they’ve seen their property crime rate plummet just over 50 percent in that same period of time. The local police department knows Kaufman can be a stop for those traveling across the state so they’ve tried to make sure things like vandalism are at an all time low.

2007 Crime Rate: 47.99
2012 Crime Rate: 18.17
62.13% Decrease In Crime

3. Clute, TX

Not far from the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in the southeastern region of Texas is the town of Clute. Clute has grown at a steady pace over the years, but one thing the community and local police department has been able to do during that growth is keep the crime rate not only low, but on the decline. Violent crime in the area has declined nearly 40 percent while property crime has fallen just over 56 percent in the last five years according to FBI data. With some wonderful waterways, beaches and wildlife refuges in the area it has been a focus for Clute to keep things safe while people venture to their portion of Texas to take those natural amenities in.

2007 Crime Rate: 61.40
2012 Crime Rate: 25.19
58.97% Decrease In Crime

4. Memorial Villages, TX

Right off Interstate 10 just to the west of the big town of Houston is the Memorial Villages. Memorial sits right off the main highway through Texas and on the edges of the George Bush Park and Bear Creek Pioneers Park. With the big city just minutes away, Memorial has become a hub for those who like to live outside the city and commute in. It’s also one of the safest communities that made our list, but has improved enough to still rank within the top 5 f our list of most improved cities in Texas. The local police department has seen violent crime fall, as well as a 58 percent decline in property crime over the past five years according to FBI data.

2007 Crime Rate: 19.72
2012 Crime Rate: 8.41
57.38% Decrease In Crime

5. Orange, TX

Sitting just on the border of Texas and Louisiana on the eastern portion of the state is the small town of Orange. With Sabina Lake and the Gulf of Mexico just a few miles away, Orange can be a hot spot destination for those who like to boat or fish in their spare time. With the port in the town, there is also some heavy commercial traffic and is a big reason the town has grown over the years. While there has been growth, Orange at one point during our data had one of the highest crime rates in the state. The local police department and community however put a focus on making their city safer and through programs like the neighborhood watch have been able to make their way into the top 5 of our list of the most improved cities in Texas thanks to their efforts.

2007 Crime Rate: 84.64
2012 Crime Rate: 36.74
56.59% Decrease In Crime

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