20 Cities in New York with the most Improved Crime Rate

December 9, 2014


Known mostly for one of the biggest cities in the world, the state of New York offers much more than just Manhattan and the Bronx. With plenty of beautiful forests and natural waterways like the Hudson River and the great lakes, New York is a bustling state in every corner. Some of the more tucked away villages have done an amazing job keeping their communities safe and bringing down crime utilizing some innovative crime prevention programs and just working with their citizens.
Using data from 2007-2012 FBI Crime Reporting Statistics, we’ve uncovered twenty cities in New York which have significantly decreased crime successfully.
The cities listed below have used some advanced police programs, services and techniques to help decrease their crime rate over a five year period. When looking through the data provided by the FBI, we have noticed their efforts have increased the quality of life for their citizens, as well as the safety of their neighborhoods.
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1. Briarcliff Manor, NY

On the banks of the Hudson River and near the borders of both Connecticut and New Jersey sits the village of Briarcliff Manor. Already one of the safest cities overall on our list, they’ve also been able to drive that rate down even further to top our list of the most improved cities in the state. Briarcliff Manor not only provides proximity to neighboring big cities, but it’s right by the river and near some beautiful parks. As mentioned, crime in Briarcliff Manor was exceedingly low at the beginning of our data set, but the local police department and community has made violent crime virtually nonexistent in the town through programs such as the neighborhood watch and is why they top out our list.

2007 Crime Rate: 6.47
2012 Crime Rate: 1.76
72.83% Decrease In Crime

2. Lewisboro Town, NY

Located on the border of Connecticut and encompassing some beautiful state parks in New York is Lewisboro Town. The second ranked city on our list of most improved cities in New York, Lewisboro was another one of the cities on this list that was already one of the safer cities at the start of our data set. According to data provided by the FBI however, the Lewisboro police department has been able to keep violent crime nearly nonexistent while working towards moving property crime in that direction. Utilizing things like the neighborhood watch program, they’ve seen property crime decrease over 60 percent in the five year period.

2007 Crime Rate: 7.62
2012 Crime Rate: 2.55
66.57% Decrease In Crime

3. Tuckahoe Village, NY

Just north of New York City and on the banks of the Bronx River is the village of Tuckahoe. The village has recently gone through some redevelopment, turning some of their old factory buildings into high-end apartment complexes and adding new retail stores to the region to continue to help the village’s growth. Already one of the safer areas in the state, through things like the neighborhood watch a Crime Stoppers hotlines Tuckahoe police have been able to drive the overall crime rate down nearly 60 percent in a five year period according to data provided by the FBI. The swing in crime rate had a lot to do with the reduction of property crime in the area and a big reason why they rank so highly on our list.

2007 Crime Rate: 8.87
2012 Crime Rate: 3.65
58.81% Decrease In Crime

4. Hastings-on-Hudson Village, NY

On the western border of New York and on the banks of the Hudson River is the aptly named village of Hastings on Hudson. Just north of the Bronx and Manhattan, Hastings on Hudson is often a place where families tend to settle and commute to the big city for work. With some fantastic natural parks and attractions in the area, it’s easy to see why it’s considered one of the faster growing communities in the region. Making it into the top five of our list of most improved cities in the state, Hastings on Hudson has seen violent crime drop 73 percent over the past five years, making it one of the safest villages near New York City.

2007 Crime Rate: 20.49
2012 Crime Rate: 8.93
56.39% Decrease In Crime

5. Pound Ridge Town, NY

In the southeast of New York near the Connecticut border is Pound Ridge Town, which is home to the historic hamlet of Pound Ridge and Scotts Corners. Already one of the safer towns in the state, the community utilizes programs like Neighbor-to-Neighbor which assists elderly and disabled citizens in the area with whatever they need. The local police department also utilizes the tip411 program, which allows citizens to report suspicious activity. Already one of the safest communities, the local citizens and police departments have done an amazing job at driving down property crime over the past five years while keeping violent crime low, which is why Pound Ridge ranks so highly on our list of most improved cities in New York.

2007 Crime Rate: 9.18
2012 Crime Rate: 4.26
53.64% Decrease In Crime

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