20 Cities in Maryland with the Most Improved Crime Rate

November 14, 2014



Historic Maryland is known for its beautiful mountains, rolling farmlands, the Chesapeake Bay and crabs. Bordering four states and Washington, DC, it is conveniently located within an easy drive of many of the major destinations on the east coast. Despite only being home to one major city – Baltimore, much of largely suburban Maryland enjoys the advantages and disadvantages of being close to major cities. While there is easy access to amenities, crime from DC and Baltimore tends to spill over into neighboring communities.

Comparing the crime rates of 2007 to 2012, as based on the FBI Crime Reporting Statistics, we have uncovered that there are twenty Maryland cities which have had a significant decrease in crime over that five year period.

It is largely through a renewed commitment by individual police departments to take back their streets that these cities have become safer places to live and do business. Many have implemented new procedures, programs and increased patrols to make a dent in their crime rates. In our overview of these greatly improved cities, you will discover what it takes to transform a high crime rate into a much more reasonable one.

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1. Riverdale Park, MD

Riverdale Park is a suburb of Washington. The quaint historic city is one with a diverse population that was facing very high crime rates a few short years ago, but has since had a drastic reduction in crime. The Riverdale Park Police Department takes crime seriously and made huge efforts to reduce the crime rate so significantly over the 5 year span. Community walks, a house vacation watch program, neighborhood level crime information alerts and neighborhood watch programs have been a driving force in reducing incidences of robbery, aggravated assault, theft , burglary and auto theft.

2007 Crime Rate: 72.14
2012 Crime Rate: 30.48
57.75% Decrease In Crime

2. Hampstead, MD

Hampstead is a small city located in the north central part of the state and is removed from many of the crime influences of bigger cities. Despite this, the locale was having a serious problem with property crime until police efforts led to a more than 50% decrease in such crime. The chief of police divided the community into four sectors and assigned one officer to each as the main point of contact for residents to contact and work with. Efforts such as this and anonymous tip lines have resulted in a much more streamlined and collaborative effort that has delivered the desired results – reduced crime throughout Hampstead.

2007 Crime Rate: 24.93
2012 Crime Rate: 12.04
51.69% Decrease In Crime

3. Annapolis, MD

Annapolis, the historic state capital and sailing capital of the world is located on the Chesapeake Bay. It has had a significant decrease in crime in recent years. Despite its high number of tourists and being home to the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis has gotten a handle on its crime rate and slashed it in half. The police department there has established various programs that allow citizens to connect with law enforcement to help them do their jobs better and to offer valuable tips. The Capital City Safe Streets program was instrumental in taking back the city effectively over this time period.

2007 Crime Rate: 61.30
2012 Crime Rate: 31.05
49.34% Decrease In Crime

4. Ocean Pines, MD

Ocean Pines is located in the southeast corner of the state on Isle of Wight Bay, neighboring the Atlantic Ocean. This waterside locale is popular with residents and visitors.  Ocean Pines has been plagued with a high crime rate but has turned it around in recent years. Residence checks, anonymous tipping, operation drug box and neighborhood watches have ensured that the crime rate has dropped and remains low. The Ocean Pines police department has done a great job of living up to its slogan of Duty, Honor and Community.

2007 Crime Rate: 15.27
2012 Crime Rate: 8.13
46.77% Decrease In Crime

5. Cheverly, MD

Cheverly is a small Washington DC suburb just outside the city and close enough to be served by the Washington Metro. The city was facing major crime problems at the end of the last decade, but the efforts put in by the local police department have changed that. Neighborhood watch, an anti-burglary partnership, community policing and enhanced 24/7 patrols have been instrumental in keeping the town significantly safer than it had been in recent years.

2007 Crime Rate: 40.52
2012 Crime Rate: 22.73
43.90% Decrease In Crime

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