19 Cities in Colorado with the Most Improved Crime Rate

October 13, 2014

6. Avon, CO

This ski resort town located near Breckenridge has always maintained a high standard of living for both seasonal tourists as well as residents.  When crime began to be a problem – mostly larceny and burglarly – Avon Police Department placed a renewed effort in monitoring vacation properties that were vacant between renters.  This small reinvigoration of that program seemed to be the fortuitous turn of luck that Avon needed – protecting both sports enthusiasts and property owners alike from crime.  These changes have reflected well in Avon’s reported crime statistics – making this one of the more affordable places to take a winter ski trip.

2007 Crime Rate: 34.83
2012 Crime Rate: 18.29
47.50% Decrease In Crime

7. Eagle, CO

Heading West past the resort communities of Breckenridge is the city of Eagle. Dry, arid and mountainous, it’s mostly only claimed by cattle ranchers and some farmers over the years. However, when crime was on the upswing several years ago, Eagle Police Department took notice. With only about half the number of officers it needed to be at the national average, Eagle PD was forced to instead rely on community reporting of crimes and activities. Through implementing its Neighborhood Information Network program, it allowed citizens an anonymous path to reporting suspected crime. This added information has aided Eagle Police in crime prevention, resulting in a lowered crime rate..

2007 Crime Rate: 21.66
2012 Crime Rate: 11.75
45.77% Decrease In Crime

8. Gunnison, CO

Considers the “Base Camp of the Rockies”, Gunnison has been a popular destination for mountain climbers and adventurers since the turn of last century. This city doubles in size every school year as students attending Western State Colorado University almost outnumber the full time residents.  When increases in simple and aggravated assault continued to persist – resulting in a noticeable increase in the crime rate – the Gunnison Police Department decisively responded.  With renewed programs targeting underage drinking and drug use, Gunnison began to see a great improvement in the number of reported incidences.  This has resulted in this city bringing its crime rate back in line with national averages.

2007 Crime Rate: 78.36
2012 Crime Rate: 43.91
43.97% Decrease In Crime

9. Johnstown, CO

A working class community predominantly inhabited by lower income families employed by service and the meat packing industry, Johnstown has always opened its doors to those looking for a safe community. When that safety began to become jeopardized with a higher crime rate, Johnstown responded by directing its local police force to find ways to decrease reported crime. In collaboration with Weld County Sheriff’s Department, Johnstown Police Department implemented new training programs designed to make their first responders more efficient at handling a variety of situations.  This resulted in a decrease in reported crime and a lower crime rate.

2007 Crime Rate: 16.52
2012 Crime Rate: 9.26
43.94% Decrease In Crime

10. Trinidad, CO

On the border of Colorado, Trinidad is often the last stop travelers have before crossing state lines.  This area has always been a hot spot of criminal activity due to its seclusion from major metropolitan areas and the number of critical highway junctions. When crime began to increase, this city knew it had to respond. With well above the national average of police officers to residents, Trinidad Police Department responded by adding a Graffiti Removal Task Force and an improved hotline to report crimes anonymously. It took several years but gradually crime was brought back under reign – making this place once again a low crime area.

2007 Crime Rate: 32.84
2012 Crime Rate: 20.58
37.32% Decrease In Crime

11. Windsor, CO

A popular destination for craft beer aficionados, Windsor is a suburb of Fort Collins – famous for the Fat Tire Brewery. Also located near the University of North Colorado, this city is a seemingly perfect mixture of culture and innovation. Which is why when the Windsor Police Department first detected an increasing crime rate, they wasted no time. Statistically, this city has half the number of police officers it should – so Windsor relied on finding programs and initiatives that would assist them in bringing the crime rate down. This resulted in an increased reliance on the community for reporting of suspicious behavior and criminal activity.

2007 Crime Rate: 18.44
2012 Crime Rate: 11.59
37.15% Decrease In Crime

12. Englewood, CO

A major suburb of Denver, Englewood is a community known for eclectic art and entertainment.  When increases in crime began to emerge, Englewood Police Department immediately stepped in with programs and services designed to help these creative folks report suspicious and criminal activity. Coordinating with the Denver metropolitan police to deliver overlapping services and backup for patrol officers, Englewood began to finally return to peace. With the additional hiring of five more patrol officers, Englewood Police Department was finally in line with the national average ratio of officers to residents. These community initiatives demonstrated the willingness of the Englewood Police Department to adapt to the situations that they faced while maintaining their presence in the city.

2007 Crime Rate: 92.05
2012 Crime Rate: 59.35
35.53% Decrease In Crime

13. Frederick, CO

Overlapping regions of Firestone, halfway between Denver and Fort Collins, is another quiet community known as Frederick.  This dry and arid residential area is mostly home to lower income families who commute and work in the Denver area.  When more criminal activity began to be commonplace, Frederick wasted no time.  With Firestone facing similar problems, this city worked on programs that would bring police departments in the surrounding area closer together – sharing intel, networking, and ultimately solving crimes faster.  Alongside assistance from Weld County Sheriffs Department and the Denver metropolitan police force, Frederick worked hard to bring the crime rate back down to the national average.

2007 Crime Rate: 19.67
2012 Crime Rate: 12.88
34.52% Decrease In Crime

14. Parker, CO

Famous for its historical days as a holding facility for cattle bound for Denver, Parker has since become more of a commuter residential suburb of that metropolis. Trading herds of cows for nine irons and drivers, it is now the home a large population of professionals. For this reason, in the earlier part of last decade, when there was a noted increase in criminal activity – Parker Police Department was quick to respond. With a sizable police force in comparison to similarly populated cities in the nation, this municipality implemented a number of new programs designed to modernize their officers’ equipment and training.  This resulted in fewer crimes being reported and a renewed sense of peace in the community.

2007 Crime Rate: 16.18
2012 Crime Rate: 10.81
33.02% Decrease In Crime

15. La Junta, CO

Meat packing facilities line the roads that cowboys used to roam in this industrialized city. The major industries which employ residents also employ a number of migrant workers to fill their ranks.  These migrant workers were cited as a source of concern when La Junta noticed its crime rate was increasing. Coordinating with federal and state authorities, the La Junta Police Department renewed its efforts to ensure proper policies were in place to reduce crimes amongst migrant workers as well as cut down on drug distribution and trafficking. These efforts required new programs which, once implemented alongside training and equipment, resulted in far fewer instances of crime in this city.

2007 Crime Rate: 43.21
2012 Crime Rate: 28.94
31.96% Decrease In Crime

16. Fruita, CO

Halfway between the Utah border and Grand Junction, the city of Fruita is often a stop for travelers and adventurers looking to climb into McInnis Canyon.  With the motto “Envision the Future”, Fruita Police Department has diligently implemented the latest in law enforcement training and equipment to allow it to combat any crime that may spill over.  Often called upon to reinforce Grand Junction’s law enforcement officers, Fruita police are known for their vigilance and good decision making skills.  This has helped them, no doubt, bring down the crime rate after a recent spike.

2007 Crime Rate: 30.08
2012 Crime Rate: 20.46
31.96% Decrease In Crime

17. Berthoud, CO

South of Loveland, Berthoud can be found atop the Welch and Lonetree Reservoirs that supply Fort Collins with its ample fresh water. Largely private residential areas, this city has a relatively low population and density for its class. With less than a dozen officers, the Berthoud Police Department must continually find ways to make training and technology work to its advantage.  Cooperating with state and federal agencies, police officers in this city have learned to make the most out of every situation. This is likely the cause for the recent drop in crime rate – as Berthoud police officers make use of new programs and special training to keep its winding, steep streets safe.

2007 Crime Rate: 17.70
2012 Crime Rate: 12.13
31.48% Decrease In Crime

18. Aspen, CO

World renowned ski resorts and a lavish lifestyle have made this city the subject of many popular movies and books. Yet when this extravagant resort town began to experience a wave of increased crime, Aspen Police Department knew it would have to take it seriously. Because the population fluctuates greatly due to seasonal tourism, this city’s police officers must stay constantly vigilant to ensure properties aren’t being harmed in the in between times. With celebrities and notable people constantly passing through, there are also plenty of traffic ordinances to enforce and cases of aggravated assault.  Thus, when the crime rate began to get out of hand, Aspen PD took advantage of regional and state programs aimed at improving its efficiency.

2007 Crime Rate: 63.51
2012 Crime Rate: 47.52
25.18% Decrease In Crime

19. Broomfield, CO

Along the craggy peaks stretching across the skyline between Denver and Boulder lies the city of Broomfield.  Considered a suburb of Denver, it is still a major transportation hub between the two cities – being the location of many bus stops ferrying workers and travelers through the area. This was identified as one of the major contributors to the increases in crime being reported here.  Criminals would take advantage of the buses going between Boulder and Denver and use those transit routes to time their burglaries and larcenies. Once Broomfield Police Department identified this problem, it began increasing its presence in the vicinity of those bus stops. This simple change in their service helped bring their crime rate down to around the national average.

2007 Crime Rate: 27.94
2012 Crime Rate: 21.38
23.47% Decrease In Crime

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19 Most Improved Cities in Colorado

Disclaimer: To improve the accuracy and usefulness of our list, we chose to exclude small communities with populations below 5,000 in our rankings.
Our rankings are determined by national crime statistics published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Our rankings are only as accurate as the local population and crime statistics officially released by the FBI.

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