19 Cities in Colorado with the Most Improved Crime Rate

October 13, 2014



Colorado is home to some of the nation’s best ski resorts, tallest mountains, and most pristine resources.  Historically known for its role in cattle trade and the westward expansion, this state has developed well into its own, with advances in education, training, and industry.

We analyzed statistics provided by the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division to determine which cities had improved most in their crime rate over a period of years.  Data taken was from 2007 to the most recent information collected in 2012.  To note, Colorado has been exceedingly successful in reducing crime across the board – almost 70% of Colorado cities and towns improved crime rates in this short period of time.

It’s important to note that during this period, some rather pivotal legal and regulatory changes occurred which would permanently alter how statistics are gathered and accumulated – namely the legalization of cannabis.  There have been many untested hypotheses on why law enforcement reports a massive reduction in state-wide crime, but we have noted that the addition of modernized training and equipment to many of these local forces have increased these cities’ ability to properly deal with crime.

If you find your city below – congratulations on the hard work!  You can copy the badge and add it to your municipality’s home page if you so choose.

1. Fort Lupton, CO

Along Interstate 85, north of Denver, resides the city of Fort Lupton.  With about half the ratio of officers to residents compared to the average throughout the rest of the country, Fort Lupton depends on special programs and training to keep its officers prepared to face any challenge.  When this city faced an increased crime rate earlier last decade, it placed an added emphasis on community outreach and anonymous tip programs. Adding a total of four more patrolmen in the following years, Fort Lupton has increased cooperation with other county and municipal police departments in the area to bring a greater sense of safety to its residents.  This has resulted in a significantly reduced crime rate.

2007 Crime Rate: 27.20
2012 Crime Rate: 8.23
69.74% Decrease In Crime

2. Brush, CO

Heading northeast along US Route 76, coming from Denver, will bring you eventually to the quiet valley of Brush, CO.  Long considered an agricultural hub for ranchers and cattlemen, Brush had seen a rise in its crime rate about a decade ago.   Cooperating with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department, Brush Police Department worked on improving its training and special programs to handle this new rise in crime.  Adding two more officers and using the latest modern techniques in policing, Brush experienced a surge of success in stopping criminal behavior on its streets.  Due to this, and increased community presence, Brush has experienced a decrease in its crime rate.

2007 Crime Rate: 26.92
2012 Crime Rate: 9.32
65.38% Decrease In Crime

3. Firestone, CO

The city of Firestone can be found halfway between Denver and Fort Collins.  Operating at exactly the national average in terms of the ratio of police officers to residents, Firestone responded to its most recent surge in crime by improving its police readiness training.  Defining itself as a “Community in Motion”, Firestone proved its willingness to become a safe living space by adding law enforcement services such as Neighborhood Watch, mentoring and a Citizen’s Police Academy.  Its dedication and commitment to a safer area has resulted in these programs taking root and forming the foundation of a decreased rate of crime.

2007 Crime Rate: 24.93
2012 Crime Rate: 9.59
61.53% Decrease In Crime

4. Durango, CO

Located in the sparse and desolate region south of the San Juan National Forest and north of the Ute Reservation, Durango has always been a hotly contested area.  A famous place for saloon shoot-outs and a history that besmirks of the Old Wild West, this city has come to grips with its roots and attempted to keep a solid program of law and order.  Unfortunately, crime had spilled over in the last decade – forcing the Durango Police Department to improve its policing and safety practices.  With added special programs such as the Citizen’s Police Academy and CrimeStoppers – Durango has made community protection its top priority.  This may have been one of the major reasons why their crime rate has dropped over recent years.

2007 Crime Rate: 62.72
2012 Crime Rate: 27.22
56.60% Decrease In Crime

5. Steamboat Springs, CO

Another city whose industry is based upon ski resorts and wilderness adventures, Steamboat Springs is located well outside Fort Collins. Its small police force was already spread thin, when burglaries and arson began to be a problem. Steamboat Springs PD began a program to work closely with property owners to ensure that properties were safe between tenants and renters. This renewed vigilance to the safety of their community has resulted in a decrease in reported crime statistics for Steamboat Springs. With so many scenic mountains to climb and ski down, Steamboat Springs remains a low crime gem nestled in the heart of the Rockies.

2007 Crime Rate: 56.97
2012 Crime Rate: 29.47
48.28% Decrease In Crime

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