Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning December 7

December 7, 2015

The week beginning December 7th is the lightest for food recalls that we have seen since starting this safety series. There were only 2 recalls last week, one each of Class I and allergy labeling recalls.

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning November 30

November 30, 2015

This was another light week of food recalls, likely due to the holiday. However, one major recall stands out because it affects a popular product at Costco stores. Chicken salad made with rotisserie chicken from Costco contains celery that was recalled for E.Coli. Reports of illness have been received from…

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning November 23

November 23, 2015

This past week has been light on recalls, especially the more widespread, potentially serious recalls. As always, allergy recalls are the bulk of our recalls, which highlights the fact that many manufacturers have not yet mastered the system of identifying and labeling foods properly for those with food allergies.

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning November 16

November 16, 2015

This week saw the beginning of some holiday foods already being recalled, in addition to the usual items. If you have food allergies, being especially wary of seasonal products may be a good idea. Check back regularly for the latest in food recalls.

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning November 9th

November 9, 2015

The vast majority of this week’s recalls were all about mislabeling. While often those recalls are listed as Class I recalls, we have chosen to put them under our allergy labeling recall list as they are not a danger to the general public but they can be very dangerous to…

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning November 2

November 2, 2015

This week brought a scary medication recall for those with food allergies. It also contained quite a few more of the canned seafood recall notices, as well as a variety of other issues. It was definitely a big week for food recalls.

Massive Recall of Epinephrine Auto Injector Alarms Users

October 29, 2015

On October 28th, 2015 a recall was announced for all Auvi-Q (epinephrine injection, USP) because of the possibility of delivering an inaccurate dosage of the medication. This recall includes all Auvi-Q devices, both 0.15mg and 0.3mg strength, on the market today, and affects consumers, retailers, and hospitals. This device, used…

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning October 26

October 26, 2015

This week’s recent food recalls continued the onslaught of canned seafood recalls that began 2 weeks ago with Skipanon Brand Seafood. There were also a surprisingly larger than usual number of serious Class I recalls.

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning October 19

October 19, 2015

This week’s extensive list of recalls includes many that are related to last week’s recall of Skipanon Brand Seafood. However, there is also some fresh produce that has been recalled this week in class I recalls, as well as the many allergy branding issues that seem to continually arise.

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning October 12th

October 12, 2015

This week your recalls include some very common household names, including different products from big name General Mills. There were more allergy recalls than anything else.  We also discovered that products found in specialized grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market show up on the recall list regularly.

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning October 5th

October 5, 2015

Food recalls this week are mostly allergy labeling related or related to salmonella. Accidental contamination of foods happens easily. Check the recalls below to make sure none of the items are in your home.

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning September 28th

September 28, 2015

After a very slow week for recalls last week, this one more than made up for it. There were lots of recalls, including three for animal food. Check out the many different recalls especially if someone in your home has allergies or if you own a horse.

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning September 21st

September 21, 2015

This was a very quiet week for recalls, but we did have some unusual items show up in our recalls, notably herbal extracts and dietary supplements. This is a reminder that recalls affect not only foods, but other supplemental items meant for human ingestion.

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning September 14th

September 14, 2015

This past week’s recalls were largely expanded recalls of existing issues we have already heard about, although there were some new ones including items like sliced apples and cookies that are often targeted to children.

What You Need To Know About Safety Where You Live

September 11, 2015

  How aware are you about the crime that takes place where you live? Do you know the frequency of crimes in your neighborhood and city? Do you know the types of crime that are taking place? Do you know where sex offenders live? If not, you really should. We…

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning September 7th

September 7, 2015

This past week’s recalls have been a combination of high health risk class I recalls and allergy labeling issues. With a couple of unusual recalls this week – water and a dietary supplement, we are reminded that anything you ingest can be subject to recall.

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning August 31st

August 31, 2015

Where last week only saw two food recalls, and both were rather obscure, this past week has certainly made up for it. We have seen class I, II and III recalls, as well as allergy labeling recalls. In addition to some obscure items, some products from major food manufacturers are…

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning August 24th

August 24, 2015

This past week has been exceptionally light when it comes to recalls. Only two have been announced. However both are considered class I recalls, which are high health risk. Considering only 50 pound bags of one product and 300 jars of the other product were affected by these recalls, the…

Back to School Safety Tips

August 19, 2015

Back To School time is upon us and families are getting busier than ever. It is easy for safety to get overlooked. That’s why you need to focus on the back to school safety concerns that affect you and your children as you are heading off to your busy days.

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning August 17th

August 17, 2015

This week’s recalls were mostly the serious Class I recalls. With recalls of this type it is important to pay close attention and either return or toss out the items if you have them in your home.

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning August 10th

August 10, 2015

Recalls that were announced in the past week were significantly fewer than in recent weeks. Only one allergy labeling recall and one Class II recall were reported. In addition to two serious Class I recalls, there was also a serious recall of the unusual sort in the past 7 days…

Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning August 3rd

August 3, 2015

This week’s recalls include the usual allergy labeling recalls, the more dangerous class I recalls and some unusual recalls involving import omissions. There is also a pharmaceutical recall that may involve you or someone you love. 

Recent Food Recalls for the Week of July 27th

July 27, 2015

This past week featured recalls of fewer allergen labeling issues and more of Class I – potentially serious recalls. Such foods run the risk of causing illness or even death to those who consume them. Check the list below to ensure you don’t have them on hand in your home.

Recent Food Recalls For the Week Beginning July 20th

July 20, 2015

Only the biggest and most dangerous of food allergies make the news. However, every week there are foods being recalled for a variety of reasons. While some affect only those with food allergies, others can affect anyone.

The Impact of Food Allergies on Recalls

July 14, 2015

Food allergies have become a serious health concern for millions of people throughout the country. In recent generations life-threatening allergies have become commonplace, even though less than 100 years ago, they were practically unheard of. While researchers and doctors struggle to understand why and to find a cure for food…

Disturbing Trends in Baby Gear Recalls

July 1, 2015

Recalls of consumer products are very common. Amongst the thousands of consumer products that are constantly monitored for safety issues, baby gear is amongst the items most commonly recalled. Part of the reason for frequency of such recalls is the fact that safety standards change regularly when it comes to…

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